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Owen Yap: Empower Girls to Live a Life Free of Fear

In 2017, World Vision Advocate for Education Owen Yap visited his sponsored child Krita, at Moradabad Area Programme in India. Most of the parents in Krita’s community are not formally educated and do not understand the importance of human rights and education...


Xiaobing walks out of the darkness - How love lit the way for a child

If your eyes could not see, how would you feel? How would you face the future? How would you go on in the world? Xiaobing from China, who is 12 this year, can't see at all because of congenital cataracts. When she was little...


Nicholas Teo: A Journey of Sponsorship and Hope

Malaysian singer and actor Nicholas Teo has a big heart for helping vulnerable children - he has been sponsoring children since 2007. In 2010, he visited World Vision’s Ba Thuoc Area Programme in Vietnam...


7 Ways Clean Water Fights Poverty

Have you noticed how many times you turn on the water faucet daily? How about how many cups of water you had today? Or how much washing you do in a day? These are just a few instances of how water is readily available and useful to us. While it’s something people in the developed world take for granted, clean drinking water is one of the world’s greatest needs. 


Clean Water Everywhere – and for Everyone!

“Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink” This line, paraphrased from a poem, describes being surrounded by something yet not being able to benefit from it. For children and communities in need, this expression is often literal. Today, 785 million people still lack access to clean water...


Helping children to go the distance!

For a child, the journey of life should be one filled with limitless possibility and potential. But all too often, growing up in an environment filled with violence, abuse and exploitation can leave children staring down a bleak, difficult road. The pandemic has not helped.


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