Breaking barriers: Di made it to university!

Stories of Hope      1 min read

Every child deserves the best start to create the brightest future.

And Child Sponsorship made that happen for Di!


Coming from a low-income household and a small village in Dien Bien province, Vietnam, Di had a tough life. She found happiness, love and care in school. However, these were taken away from her one day.


Then came World Vision into her life, giving her hope and a vision of the future that she wants to have. Today, Di is the first person from her village to go to university, pursuing her dream to become a teacher.


Di’s story is evidence of the impact that World Vision’s Child Sponsorship Programme brings about to break the cycle of poverty, providing a better and brighter path for a child’s future. Her story perfectly encapsulates our vision for the world – that every child can have life in all its fullness.


When you sponsor a child and help provide the necessities that they deserve, you are helping communities as a whole to develop. Because for every child you help, four more benefit, too.


As more and more families break the cycle of poverty, the world gets a little bit brighter — and the next generation grows stronger than ever.

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