Let Your Light Shine with Gifts of Hope

Vision News , December 2022      2 min read

Thu Man and her brother feed ducks after school.

“I wish I had a bicycle.”


That thought ran through Thu Man’s mind every time she went to school. Coming from one of the poorest households in a small village in Vietnam, Thu Man had to wake up at five every morning and walk four kilometres to her school.


“On a hot, sunny day, the walk home from school seemed very long. I got so tired and ran out of energy. On rainy days, the road gets slippery. My school bag and clothes would get wet, which made me upset.”


Thu Man wished for a bicycle that would make her journey to and from school easy, safe and quick. However, that simple dream seemed far-fetched due to poverty. But not anymore. Thanks to World Vision Malaysia’s Gifts of Hope initiative, Thu Man’s life lit up when she received a new bicycle.


A joyful Thu Man said, “Now, it only takes me 15 minutes to reach school! I am very happy to receive this gift from World Vision. I hope my friends will also be supported with one, so we can all go to school easily.”


Through other World Vision programmes, Thu Man has been learning life skills at school and joined the Children’s Club, where she was equipped with knowledge on social media safety, child protection and early marriage prevention. Meanwhile, her parents participated in Positive Discipline training sessions to help build and foster healthy relationships with their children. World Vision also supported the community with Savings for Transformation courses, animal breeding and farming training.

Every child deserves the best start to build the brightest future – and that includes good nutrition, healthcare, education, protection and of course, love. However, far too many of the world’s children and families are being robbed of their futures because they live in poverty. Your support can help children like Thu Man experience what they rightfully deserve.


It’s time to shine your light and positively impact the world!


Light Up Lives with Gifts of Hope



This Christmas, giving Gifts of Hope like learning materials, clean water and more will light up the worlds of children, families and entire communities by lifting them out of poverty.


Be a beacon in the dark today and give the gift of a brighter future — one free from poverty.

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