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Breaking barriers: Di made it to university!

Coming from a low-income household and a small village in Dien Bien province, Vietnam, Di had a tough life. She found happiness, love and care in school. However...



Kenzho was just five years old when the pandemic happened in the Philippines. The young boy from the province of Aklan is already seven years old. As an only child, he spends most of his time playing with his friends. He also helps his mother with their house chores. To fully support Kenzho with his lessons, his mother Almira decided to quit her job to focus on tutoring her son and taking care of him during the pandemic. While being jobless, Almira depends on the two small businesses that she and her mother, Amy, started before the pandemic. With the help of World Vision’s Community Managed Savings and Credit Association programme, Almira has learned how to save and invest money in productive ventures.


Do’s Story of Hope

What does it take for a child to overcome poverty? 10-year-old Do and her family from Tua Chua, Vietnam. With six in the family and little to go around, every day was a struggle, and they needed much more than just food or money to get out of poverty. Hear Do’s story of how child sponsorship made a difference


Xiaobing walks out of the darkness - How love lit the way for a child

If your eyes could not see, how would you feel? How would you face the future? How would you go on in the world? Xiaobing from China, who is 12 this year, can't see at all because of congenital cataracts. When she was little...


Francissca Peter believes in the power of hope!

The world is reeling from COVID-19 and its devastating impact on nations and individuals alike. Amid such turbulent times, how do we cope with anxiety, despair and uncertainty? For Francissca Peter, renowned singer and World Vision Malaysia Child Sponsorship Ambassador, the answer lies in a four-letter word: hope.


Lee Sinje: Lighting Up Lives With Compassion

What are some of your reflections of the past year? For World Vision Malaysia Ambassador Lee Sinje, she’s learned to appreciate the little things and remain hopeful...


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