Children living in the world’s most dangerous places are just like the children in our neighbourhood. But for them, childhood looks different.


It looks like fleeing conflict and violence, living in fear of extreme weather, surrounded by the constant threat of exploitation and abuse, facing hunger due to prolonged droughts, marrying young, growing up in refugee camps and war zones, and being recruited as child soldiers.


This is NOT childhood.


There are no simple solutions to their plight. We can’t stop wars and conflict, but it doesn’t mean we can’t help the most vulnerable children.


This is Childhood Rescue. You can help children survive, recover and build a future.

A monthly gift of RM50 or more will provide life-saving assistance to children and help them cope with their reality.

Living in Dangerous Places


There are places in the world where basic necessities like food, clean water, education, security and protection from abuse and exploitation seem hopelessly out of reach. These places are known as fragile contexts.


By 2030, 85% of the world’s extreme poor1 will live in places like this, and many won’t survive. Among these places are:


Our work in fragile contexts is reviewed periodically. It is not limited to these countries.


Get to know children living in the world’s most dangerous places.


Rescue Childhood Now!

With your support, we will provide life-saving supplies like food, shelter, hygiene kits and medical care, and lasting interventions to help children recover such as establishing Child-Friendly Spaces that help them deal with trauma, access counselling and catch up on education.


Together, we can build strong communities where children can safely go to school, play with their friends, and dream about the future. This is Childhood Rescue.


Childhood Rescue was previously known as Save Fragile Lives.

Childhood Rescue (One-Time)

RM 50.00

Childhood Rescue (Monthly)

RM 50.00 / Month


1 States of Fragility 2022, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

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