The Value of a Choice

June-2023 , Vision News      2 min read

Children don’t often get to make big choices for themselves; the adults in their lives decide on many things for them. In most cases, adults try their best to take a child’s well-being into account when making these decisions, but poverty can make that extremely difficult. When parents pull their son out of school to work, or marry off a daughter because they can’t afford to care for her, we see why children must have a say in what happens to them.


That’s why we introduced Chosen – a child sponsorship initiative that gives children the power to choose their own child sponsors. It is a simple act that reaffirms their dignity and changes their futures.



The Joy of Being Chosen!


On 14 May 2023, a group of sponsors-to-be gathered to learn which child from the community of Lanao Del Norte, Philippines had chosen them. There were many joyful reactions as people got to know the child who would become a part of their lives.


We spoke with a few attendees to learn what being chosen means to them:

The perfect gift for Mother’s Day!


Jestine Yong, his wife Michelle and son Noah were happy to welcome their new sponsored child Ronald into their family.


Michelle loves children, and she felt blessed to be chosen. “Today (14 May) is Mother’s Day, so this the most beautiful gift [I could receive].” She was excited to learn that Ronald wants to become a policeman, as her father was an officer. Jestine hopes that Ronald will grow into a good man.

Welcome to the family


Antony Tong and his wife, Pastor Catherine felt called to bless those in need. They also loved the idea of being chosen by a child and getting to know that child personally.


Overcome with emotion at seeing their new sponsored child Cyra, Antony said, “You are a sweet girl, and we are so happy to be chosen by you and be part of your family.” Catherine continued, “Your smile warms our heart. You make our family complete because we have two boys, and [now we have] a daughter!”

Happy to bless one child at a time


Pastor Irene Chong was struck by the fact that her sponsored child was named Jhon. “When I had my first child, I thought that, if it was a boy, he would be named Jonathan.” She is glad that she can bless those in need, one child at a time.


She continues: “Jhon, I hope that you will grow to know that you are valuable and precious... you are significant and you have a good future. Be happy, keep yourself well, and God bless you.”

Having a child accept you into their life is an unforgettable experience.


We’d like to invite you to experience it as well – it will change your life and many others!


When a child chooses you as their sponsor, you’ll start bringing clean water, education and more to their communities. This ensures that your child – and many other children – can achieve the bright futures they desire. And by helping adults overcome poverty, they’ll be able to make choices that put children first!


Ready to put the power of choice in a child’s hands? The next Chosen event is just around the corner - get on the waitlist now!

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