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Mousumi’s Story: Stopping Child Marriage Whatever It Takes

Answering a distress call from a 13-year-old girl, Mousumi jumps into action. The young girl is in tears, having overheard her parents discussing a wedding – hers. She had been taken to another village in hopes of being quietly forced into marriage.


Nahomy’s Story: A Young Girl with A Mission

A teenager, dreamer and now youth mayor of her community -- meet Nahomy of Yamaranguila in western Honduras! At 13 years old, Nahomy was recently elected youth mayor of her community and has wasted no time tackling the issues on the ground.


Samira’s Story: A Brave Escape from Brothel Life

Samira* was 14 years old when everything changed. From a simple and idyllic life in rural West Bengal, the young girl travelled to Mumbai to find work as a domestic helper and support her family. Her brother-in-law was supposed to find her a job, but he had other plans. Instead of finding work as a help, he sold Samira into the sex trade.


A Second Chance At Life: Nancy’s Story

Nancy Yiampoi, 34, is a humanitarian worker with degrees from the University of Nairobi. She’s also the proud mom of a 10-year-old daughter. All this was made possible when a young woman from Australia named Georgie Paschalis spontaneously decided to sponsor 11-year-old Nancy through World Vision...


Defying Tradition: Preeti’s Story

Every morning in Agra, India, sponsored child Preeti Sholanki, 9, straps on her backpack and starts for school with her best friends Kiran and Roti. It’s a 20-minute-walk through the bustling city streets...


Helping Children Step Up: Manich’s Story

16-year-old Manich grew up in a remote village in Kampong Leng District, Cambodia. Her parents were both farmers who worked hard to provide for Manich and her two siblings...


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