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Humanitarian work never stops. We are always on the go with activities to educate and empower as part of our mission to eradicate hunger and poverty. We hope you will join us!

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Witness how your giving is changing lives and get to know the people at the heart of our work.

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Be part of a growing community who give their time, skills and energy to change lives.

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Make a ripple, start a wave with your time, talent, and influence to meet the needs of vulnerable children.

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Share in our ministry to work with people living in poverty and help them realise their God-given potential.

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Partner with us to infuse a sense of purpose in your organisation and achieve your philanthropic goals.

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Raise empathetic and compassionate global citizens. It’s never too young to make a difference!

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In 2022, 84.8% of donations collected were used for programmes that benefit children, families and communities in need.
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