Sponsor A Child

Child sponsorship is the most personal and effective way to empower children, their families and communities to break the cycle of poverty — for good.



Poverty is a complex issue,

but you can help a child find a way out.


Child sponsorship is more than just financial support; it is a journey between two individuals — you and your sponsored child.

Your contribution makes it possible for

them to have fuller lives and better futures

How does child sponsorship work?


You can sponsor a child with World Vision from just RM65 (Asian countries) or RM80 (Non-Asian countries) per month. Your contributions are pooled together with that of other child sponsors and channelled towards holistic development in your sponsored child's community. Depending on the needs in their community, the work may focus on:

  • Child Protection

    Creating safe and supportive environments is essential for protecting children from abuse, neglect, exploitation, and other forms of violence. This requires empowering and collaborating with entire communities, including children themselves.

  • Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH)

    Access to clean water, dignified sanitation, and hygiene services through well-drilling, latrine installation, and hygiene training decreases child mortality and removes the burden of water collection.

  • Education

    Unlocking brighter futures begins with providing children access to learning opportunities, resources, and well-trained teachers, complemented by parents’ understanding of their crucial role in their children’s education.

  • Health & Nutrition

    Good health is the foundation of a child's life. Access to essential services, vaccinations, medical clinics and training in disease prevention provides stronger health, for children and their communities.

  • Livelihoods

    Besides food distribution, we prioritise creating productive, resilient and sustainable livelihoods through skills training such as agricultural techniques and financial management. This helps families better provide for their children.

  • Child sponsorship is investing in impact


    We are committed to ensuring that all resources entrusted to us are used efficiently and effectively, bringing maximum impact to your sponsored child and their community. In 2022:



    Figures are from World Vision Malaysia's Annual Review 2022.

    Sponsor a child

    Hi, my name is Laihorng.

    My child ID is STO47-7937.

    I am a 7-year-old girl from Cambodia.

    Hi, my name is Phanny.

    My child ID is STO47-7989.

    I am a 7-year-old girl from Cambodia.

    Hi, my name is Chanlyka.

    My child ID is STO47-8005.

    I am a 4-year-old girl from Cambodia.

    Because of our community-focused solutions, for every child you help, four more children benefit, too.

    If you'd like to sponsor a child while also lending a helping hand to children in Malaysia, Child Sponsorship PLUS may be the perfect opportunity for you!


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