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Owen Yap: Help Children Move Forward Boldly Through Education!

As we leave 2020 in the rear view mirror and push forward into 2021, it will take strength and resilience to move ahead boldly and take on each new challenge as and when they come...


Do’s Story of Hope

What does it take for a child to overcome poverty? 10-year-old Do and her family from Tua Chua, Vietnam. With six in the family and little to go around, every day was a struggle, and they needed much more than just food or money to get out of poverty. Hear Do’s story of how child sponsorship made a difference


Lee Sinje: Lighting Up Lives With Compassion

What are some of your reflections of the past year? For World Vision Malaysia Ambassador Lee Sinje, she’s learned to appreciate the little things and remain hopeful...


Sylvia Chang: When We Work Together, We Can Make A Real Difference

When Sylvia Chang started to support World Vision’s work in 1993, she felt overwhelmed. There were too many children and families in desperately vulnerable situations, and their problems seemed too big...


Let Your Light Shine with Gifts of Hope

“I wish I had a bicycle.” That thought ran through Thu Man’s mind every time she went to school. Coming from one of the poorest households in a small village in Vietnam, Thu Man had to wake up at five every morning and walk four kilometres to her school.


Take a Stand Against Hunger and Poverty Now!

In our deeply unequal world, millions of people are living in and dying from food deprivation every year. Since early 2021, World Vision has been sounding the alarm on a growing hunger crisis driven by conflict, climate change and the severe impacts of COVID-19.


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