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Owen Yap: Help Children Move Forward Boldly Through Education!

As we leave 2020 in the rear view mirror and push forward into 2021, it will take strength and resilience to move ahead boldly and take on each new challenge as and when they come...


Clean Water Sparks Hope in Children’s Hearts

Winter may be coming, but nothing can dampen the spirits of these children in Vietnam. They have received a Gift of Hope in clean water, a practical gift that has transformed their lives in countless ways...


When You Give, Others Can Live!

As our nation continues to battle COVID-19 , we have been fundraising for children and families affected by the pandemic. We cast our net wide because the needs are great, and thanks to your generosity, lives are being changed...


Why Nepal, Why Now?

Every child deserves life in all its fullness, and Nepal’s children are no exception. The landlocked nation, however, has a complex caste system and ethnic structure; these practices coupled with a high poverty rate create a challenging world to grow up in...


A Second Chance At Life: Nancy’s Story

Nancy Yiampoi, 34, is a humanitarian worker with degrees from the University of Nairobi. She’s also the proud mom of a 10-year-old daughter. All this was made possible when a young woman from Australia named Georgie Paschalis spontaneously decided to sponsor 11-year-old Nancy through World Vision...


Defying Tradition: Preeti’s Story

Every morning in Agra, India, sponsored child Preeti Sholanki, 9, straps on her backpack and starts for school with her best friends Kiran and Roti. It’s a 20-minute-walk through the bustling city streets...


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