As Changemaker

Make a ripple, start a wave with your time, talent, and influence to meet the needs of vulnerable children.

Be a Changemaker

If you see a challenge as an opportunity, a weakness as a chance to grow and learn, you just might be our next changemaker!


Join a group of like-minded, passionate people who sees dignity, beauty and hope when they see a child in poverty – a group of people who firmly believe that change is possible and are eager to make it happen with everything they have. 

Meet some of our friends and read about what they do for others.

Chuan Looi

Gifted at capturing compelling images, highly-acclaimed photographer Chuan Looi put his talents to good use by collaborating with World Vision Malaysia to produce the 116-page coffee table book “Come See My World” and a photo exhibition of the same title.


His photos capture the lives of children and communities in World Vision projects in China, India, Laos, Lebanon, Vietnam and the Philippines, contrasting the beauty of humanity of his subjects with the harsh reality of their surroundings.


Get a copy of “Come See My World” here.

Peter Yoong
Retiree and Avid Cyclist

Avid cyclist Peter Yoong is taking on an unconventional retirement plan. The proud husband and father of three decided to realise his dream of cycling solo around the world, bringing him across continents, starting and ending in Malaysia; passing through Asia, Europe and North America, and covering close to 30,000km. As part of his trip, Peter is also raising funds to give vulnerable children a chance at education through World Vision Malaysia.


He started from his home in Puchong on 19 November 2017 and after cycling 8,250km across 22 countries, he had to put his plans on hold to return home due to family commitments. Nevertheless, Peter’s commitment to the children never stopped. Since he came home, he has continued to find new avenues to raise funds such as by giving talks and holding photo exhibitions.


Read: Peter’s Initiative and Support Today!

Steven Ong

Business Owner and


Steven Ong showed us that a personal goal can be used for social good. The seasoned ultra-runner and World Vision child sponsor was among the few selected for the 2019 Hong Kong Four Trails Ultra Challenge – a solo 298km on foot, self-supported challenge. The real challenge? Completing all 298km under 60 hours!


Ultramarathons are challenging. It requires persistence, continuous training and the right resources for race preparation. Steven believes with the right opportunities and resources, everyone – including vulnerable children – can achieve the seemingly impossible.


As part of his efforts, Steven ran to advocate for vulnerable children and find 60 child sponsors to give children the opportunities they need to step out of poverty and achieve their dreams.

Siaw Hua
Quantity Surveyor and Ultra-runner

As a mother of two, Siaw Hua knows exactly what a child needs to grow up healthily. One of the most vital things is having clean water for consumption and sanitation. But not all mothers have the ability to meet the basic needs of their children and Siaw Hua is compelled to give struggling mothers a hand up.


In April 2019, Siaw Hua embarked on a run of a lifetime – the Marathon Des Sables, which has been dubbed “the toughest foot race on earth” and took her on a 250km journey through the Sahara Desert in Southern Morocco. Siaw Hua dedicated her run to raise funds for children to have access to clean water.

Nelson Lip


Nelson hails from Tawau, Sabah. He is an up-and-coming illustrator with a passion for social causes and needs. His designs have a whimsical feel with a relatable tone. Using his talents, Nelson’s art spreads hope and compassion for the world around us.

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