Community Funds

Life in all its fullness begins with the basics. Education, clean water, protection from harm… these things and more are the building blocks that help children overcome poverty and reach for a future filled with hope. Make a lasting impact in the lives of vulnerable children and families by giving to any of these causes today!

Child Protection Fund

We believe that every child deserves to be protected from violence and live a life free of fear. Help make a safer world for children possible! 

Livelihood Fund

Lift children, their families and communities out of poverty through economic empowerment, helping them build the foundation for better lives.

Health & Nutrition Fund

We provide proven, cost-effective interventions to protect children from disease, hunger and malnutrition. 

Education Fund

We bring lasting, quality education to children in need so that they can write their own futures. Help children to learn today!

Clean Water Fund

Clean water means life. For children in need, it also means freedom from waterborne illnesses and long walks to bring water home. 

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In 2022, 84.8% of donations collected were used for programmes that benefit children, families and communities in need.
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