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World Vision Welcomes You to Lanao Del Norte, Philippines!

In 2020, World Vision brings our Child Sponsorship Programme to a new community in the Philippines! We’re excited to introduce our newest Area Development Programme (ADP) – Lanao Del Norte, a rugged province in Northern Mindanao, with coastal shorelines in the north and high plateaus and mountains in the south...


Hope Endures

The war in Ukraine has captured the world’s attention, and that’s as it should be. The devastation is tragic, as people are forced to flee their homes seeking safety, protection and assistance. It’s been encouraging to see governments and ordinary citizens taking a real interest in Ukrainian refugees and giving generously to help them. However, there are many other refugees around the world in circumstances that are just as desperate.


You(th) Can Make a Difference

No mother wants to see their child malnourished. But Asela had to. Amid climate change in Welikanda, Sri Lanka, hunger is stalking Asela’s three-year-old son Heshan. Her husband, Sampath, a daily wage labourer, is working long hours to put food on the table. Things got worse when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and work opportunities fell drastically.


“I Met My Sponsored Child!” – Michelle Loh

If you are a child sponsor, you may wonder some days if the words you write in your letters to your sponsored child really sink in or if what you’re doing even makes a difference in their lives and their well-being. Michelle Loh had all these questions answered and more when she met her precious sponsored child from India.


30-Hour Famine – Helping Children Fight for the Better!

When you think of a survivor, what comes to mind? Someone who lives through disaster, conflict or intense hunger? A person who has faced and overcome great difficulties or personal struggles?


How the Lives of Refugees Can Change in an Instant

Life can change in an instant. All refugees have faced sudden, violent changes in their lives. Uprooted from their homes by conflict and disaster, they are forced to flee and find refuge wherever they can, often in countries and communities not their own...


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