Tackling Malnutrition Through the Power of Sports

Vision News , September 2022      3 min read

Playing sports can be one of the most important aspects of a child’s life. Why? Sports help children learn. Through sports, children can develop confidence, independence, physical skills, concentration and creative thinking. And don’t forget, a healthy diet plays a vital part in helping children enjoy sports.


However, good health, nutrition and exercise can seem out of reach for children from underprivileged communities in Malaysia. These children record higher percentages of malnutrition than the national average. A study on poverty in low-cost flats in Kuala Lumpur conducted by UNICEF showed that approximately 97% of households are unable to provide balanced meals for children due to the high cost of food.

Eat Right, Play Right, Live Right!



To tackle malnutrition in our country, the One Goal Malaysia (OGM) advocacy and awareness movement was established to empower children to eat right, play right and live right by leveraging their love of sports such as badminton. The flagship programme of OGM, Eat Right to Play Right, aims to address the issues of child malnutrition among children aged 7 to 12 years old from underprivileged communities by:


  • Improving the nutritional health of children through healthy eating and active lifestyles
  • Improving the home food environment of households with children


To achieve these outcomes, the programme will implement:

Changing the world begins at home. In the spirit of Malaysia Day this year, let’s join hands and ensure that children in Malaysia grow up healthy and well-nourished. By donating to World Vision's Malaysia Assistance Fund, you can support the Eat Right to Play Right (Badminton) programme, helping children get healthy, hone their skills and realise their dreams through the power of sports.


Your contribution will also support community development work in Mukim Tulid and Mukim Tatalaan, Sabah, which includes health and nutrition, education, livelihood and child protection projects.

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