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A Great Step Forward

Deen, age 17, is a representative of the La-Ong-Dao youth group. Here, he tells his story of how joining a youth group has aided his growth as a person and leader...


Make 2021 A Year of Positive Firsts

Firsts are powerful moments and 2020 hasn’t been short of them – from a pandemic to adapting to a new normal, from our first time working from home to our first Zoom party...


March 22: Happy World Water Day

World Water Day, celebrated on March 22 annually, celebrates water and raises awareness on the importance to it. There’s nothing more essential to life on Earth than water...


Your Sponsorship is Bearing Fruit

Every child you’ve educated, every parent you’ve equipped to provide for their children, every water tap and toilet you’ve installed – it’s all making a difference, especially now...


Your Voice and Steps Can Move Mountains

Children have the right to feel safe wherever they are, free from abuse and exploitation – do you agree with this statement? But that is not always the case...


Seeing Firsthand, Love at Work!

Last December, four World Vision 30-Hour Famine Advocates went on a study tour to Ba Thuoc, Vietnam. In the past, they had only heard about World Vision’s work at 30-Hour Famine DIY Camps and the Famine Countdown. This time, they saw firsthand how love and compassion helps a community flourish...


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