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When You Give, Others Can Live!

As our nation continues to battle COVID-19 , we have been fundraising for children and families affected by the pandemic. We cast our net wide because the needs are great, and thanks to your generosity, lives are being changed...


Why Nepal, Why Now?

Every child deserves life in all its fullness, and Nepal’s children are no exception. The landlocked nation, however, has a complex caste system and ethnic structure; these practices coupled with a high poverty rate create a challenging world to grow up in...


70 Years of Hope, and the Question that Started it All!

In 2020, World Vision celebrates our 70th Anniversary. More importantly, we celebrate the millions worldwide who have received the tools to overcome poverty – and it all began with one man: Rev. Dr. Bob Pierce, an American evangelist and war correspondent...


From Goats Come Hope

“When I grow up, I would like to become a doctor, so that I can cure my cousin’s disease, help my uncle and aunt, and ensure that orphans like me have a chance for medical treatment,” says Trau, a sixth grade pupil in Vietnam...


“I loved to see him smile.”

Carol Wong is a World Vision Malaysia child sponsor. In early September 2019, she went on a sponsors’ visit to Baganuur in Mongolia, where she met her sponsored child Molomjamts. Here, she relates her heartwarming experience...


Francissca Peter believes in the power of hope!

The world is reeling from COVID-19 and its devastating impact on nations and individuals alike. Amid such turbulent times, how do we cope with anxiety, despair and uncertainty? For Francissca Peter, renowned singer and World Vision Malaysia Child Sponsorship Ambassador, the answer lies in a four-letter word: hope.


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