Mahima Makes Masks!

Vision News , September-2020      4 min read

Mahima, 13, lives in Moradabad, India. As COVID-19 rages, she – like most people –is worried about what the future holds. “The pandemic brought a lot of fear and pain to us,” she said.


As a World Vision sponsored child, Mahima has one big advantage – knowledge. “I started to learn about COVID-19 and the precautions needed. I came to know that by maintaining social distance, using masks, and avoiding sick people, we can beat the pandemic. All of this I learned from World Vision.”


Hearing this brings great joy to Mahima’s child sponsor, Jolie, who believes firmly in the power of education. “I hope she can get a good education, be filled with knowledge, and get ahead in the future. I wanted to sponsor a child within my means so that she could receive the education she deserves.”


Jolie has sponsored Mahima since 2012, and she is proud of the young woman Mahima has become. “Seeing Mahima go from a child to a teenager, and seeing her grow up safely and healthily, I am moved. Every time I receive a letter from her, I feel very comforted.”


During India’s lockdowns, Mahima was not idle. “People in my community were not using masks because they were not available, so I decided to make masks for my family and neighbours.” Partnering with her friend Fatma, Mahima started sewing masks. “My parents started using them, then my neighbours. Soon, all the people in the community were wearing masks. It was inspiring.”


Jolie is encouraged by Mahima’s initiative. “I feel that Mahima is a good girl with a lot of love, who is considerate of the people around her, and who can take care of others. Her actions inspired me to care more about my family and neighbours.”


Mahima is thrilled by the changes she’s seen in her community because of World Vision’s support.“Earlier, people in my community were not aware of COVID-19. Now, all of them use masks, maintain social distance and practise good hygiene. The children here are safe now!” Mahima and sponsor Jolie are both hopeful for a future without COVID-19. “As long as [Mahima]can grow up happily and healthy, I will be very relieved. I hope she will always be well,” says Jolie.


As countries begin the process of recovering from COVID-19, World Vision is shifting our focus to helping children and families rebuild their lives and overcome the effects of the pandemic. All of this is made possible by the dedicated support of child sponsors like Jolie.

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