A Rundown of #RunForChildren 2023!

June-2023 , Vision News      2 min read

On 7 May, Dataran DBKL was buzzing as runners from across Malaysia gathered for the 2023 World Vision Malaysia #RunForChildren! After three years of virtual runs, it was thrilling to see so many in person running 42 minutes for the 42 rights of children!


Around 2,500 participants signed up for this year’s Run, and half of them were at Dataran DBKL. With so many runners from different walks of life, you’re bound to bump into interesting people! Here are two we met:



Mahomed came out to participate in the run with support from his loving family.

32-year-old Mahomed from Leicester, UK came with his wife Zeenat, 31, and their two children Mariam and Isra. Mahomed, who is severely visually impaired, works at a charity helping disabled people get into the workplace. A passionate runner, he often takes part in runs whenever he travels abroad. This was Mahomed’s second time in Malaysia, but his first time joining a local run. He ran accompanied by a volunteer guide.


When asked what motivated him to take part, he said: “In the UK we’re lucky to have things like free healthcare and education. Life is much easier for my children than for children in other parts of the world. It’s great that we can support them and make a difference.”


The #RunForChildren was also the first time Mahomed ran for a cause, and he could feel the difference. “When running for a cause, you get this festival atmosphere, because everyone’s here for a good reason.” He’d definitely return if given the chance!





38-year-old Ganesan is a teacher at SMK Bandar Kerayong in Bera, Pahang. He was in town to support his two students Li Sheng (16) and Peng Cheng (17) as they took part in the run!


Ganesan’s students are passionate about running; he often takes them for practice at local oil palm estates. “[One day], we discussed running outside our area. When we searched for events we found out that World Vision was doing this run.” They decided to take part and came over by bus the week of the run to register in person.


“I believe if you do good for others, you’ll get goodness in return.” This principle, and the spirit of unity and charity he admires in his fellow Malaysians, drives him forward.


Ganesan with Li Sheng (left) and Peng Cheng (right). He encourages them to pursue their passions for running.


Making Your Mark!


Every runner has their own story for why they chose to run. And whether they ran in KL, in their neighbourhood, or on their treadmills, we are inspired by everyone who made their mark! Over RM190,000 was raised for child protection projects in Malaysia and overseas, safeguarding children from abuse, neglect, and other forms of violence.


We are also grateful to the employees of various companies who ran with us. Our Supporting Partner OCBC Malaysia had over 1,000 runners, both at Dataran DBKL and across the country. Runners from MasterCard and Valiram also hit the streets for child rights. Everyone’s support was a difference-maker.

Every person who took part in the Run did so to safeguard a child like the one on their Runner’s Bib. And even if you couldn’t join us, there’s still much you can do to ensure that a boy or girl is protected, healthy and educated – sponsor a child today and make a vulnerable community a safer place for every child!

Special Appreciation

Thank you to our supporting partners and sponsors for making the #RunForChildren possible:

Supporting partners:

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