It's Her Rights, it's Her Future



Every girl deserves an education. It’s her right. But millions of girls are denied equal access to a quality education just because they are girls. Every day, girls face barriers to education caused by poverty, child marriage, gender-based violence, and other forms of discrimination. These often limits a girl’s ability and opportunity to reach her full individual potential.


But there's hope. When you sponsor a girl, you can give her the chance to complete her education, soar high and reach her fullest potential, just as she deserves. Let’s fight for her rights today, ignite hope for her tomorrow!

Challenges faced by girls around the world

Almost one in four girls aged 15-19

is neither in school nor employed.

650 million women and girls alive today

were married before their 18th birthday.

72% of all trafficking victims worldwide

are women and girls.

Hi, my name is Varunika.
My child ID is WEL01-3153.
I am a 10-year-old girl from Sri Lanka.
I was born on 10-03-2014.

The transformed lives of girls

Esther’s Endeavours to Education

Esther had to face the risk of sexual violence and dangerous animals on her way to school.

Putting an End to Child Marriages

Being sponsored helped protect Monika against child marriage and empowered her to protect other girls like Rahima.

From Adversity to Advocacy

Disabled Heda was just nine when the first man came into the house and sexually abused her.

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