From Goats Come Hope

Vision News , December-2019      3 min read

“When I grow up, I would like to become a doctor, so that I can cure my cousin’s disease, help my uncle and aunt, and ensure that orphans like me have a chance for medical treatment,” says Trau, a sixth grade pupil in Vietnam.


Even at a young age, hardship and tragedy have been a part of Trau’s life. When Trau was five, his mother passed away. Soon after, his father got married in a faraway district, and did not return. Trau and his brother went to live with their aunt Ms. Chang and her husband.


With a family of nine to care for, the arrival of two nephews was an added strain on Ms. Chang’s household. Her eldest son suffered from a kidney disease, and they could not afford treatment. During the rainy season, the gardens and fields would flood, meaning that the household often suffered food shortages and could not afford school fees for Trau and his cousins.


Things began improving when Ms. Chang received the gift of two goats. Her joy grew when one of them gave birth. She said: “I was very happy to get these goats. I will take care of them well so they will give birth to even more goats. When these grow up, I’ll sell them so I can buy clothes, food, and pay for medical treatment.” The family has received training on raising goats and took out a loan with a savings group to grow their business.


“I help my aunt take care of the goats on the weekend. I don’t have to worry about school fees anymore, so I can continue going to school. I will study hard so that I can become a doctor,” says Trau cheerfully.


Indeed, with no more concerns about finances, Trau can focus on learning. In the recent school year, Trau received a certificate of merit for his outstanding academic progress. It is hoped that this will encourage him to overcome the difficulties his family faces and realise his dreams.


Goats can bring lasting hope and joy to a family in need. Give this and other versatile Gifts of Hope now!

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