Give a gift and make a child’s wish reality!

For a child, a wish can be a powerful thing. It plants a seed of hope in their hearts that good things are on the way. As adults, we often try to keep the ‘magic’ of wishing alive for children as long as we can.


What would a child who lives in a vulnerable community wish for? It may be as simple as a uniform and a pair of shoes for school. A glass of clean water. A hot, nutritious meal. These may not sound like much, but to a child in need, they represent hope for a better life and a future free of poverty.


How can we make these wishes come true? All it takes is a handpicked gift from our Gifts of Hope catalogue! From clean water to farm animals, every gift has the power to change lives for good.






How does Gifts of Hope work? It’s easy as 1, 2, 3!

Pick your gift(s)

Choose from a selection of gifts that will encourage a child, family and community in need.

Bring joy

Celebrate a loved one by giving a gift in their name. Then send them a personal message with our complimentary eCard to warm their hearts.

Change lives

We deliver your gift(s) to children and families worldwide, where you will make wishes come true!


Birth Registration and Certificates

RM 60.00 / 120.00

Birth certificates protect children from abuse and exploitation, and help them access healthcare, education and more.

Learning Resources

RM 65.00 / 260.00

Pencils, rulers and notebooks are important tools for helping children to learn, take notes and study properly.

School Shoes and Kits

RM 200.00 / 400.00

Worn out school shoes can make it difficult for children to go to school and learn comfortably. Give them a new pair so they can get ahead!

School Bags and Uniforms

RM 230.00 / 460.00

Many children can’t attend their local schools because they don’t have a proper uniform or a school bag to hold their books and supplies. Help them get ready for the new school year!


RM 450.00 / 900.00

Children in rural communities usually have to travel a long way to get to places like school, and the roads can be dangerous to walk on. A bicycle will help them get around quickly and safely.

Resources for People with Disabilities

RM 800.00 / 1,600.00

Disabilities can make even simple tasks like going to the toilet a struggle. Help communities build more inclusive environments for children with disabilities so they can go to school and grow up healthy.



RM 380.00 / 1,140.00

Goats are filled with goodness! They give milk, which can be turned into nutritious foods like cheese and yogurt. Perfect for helping families make a living.

Buffalo and Training

RM 880.00 / 3,520.00

Buffaloes are good for ploughing fields so families can grow more food. With the right training, families can raise and breed buffaloes to sell.


RM 150.00 / 450.00

A flock of fluffy chicks will grow into chickens that produce fresh eggs and even more chicks to keep or sell. Children will enjoy just how cute they are!

Seedlings and Tools

RM 145.00 / 435.00 / 870.00

With some seedlings, proper tools and training, families could have a bustling garden of vegetables to eat or sell. This would help children grow too!

Nutritious Meals

RM 185.00 / 370.00

Many mothers worry that the food they make at home isn’t healthy enough. With cooking training and better ingredients, they can make tastier, more nutritious meals. This gift will also provide healthy snacks at Children’s Club activities.

Clean Water - Piping System

RM 270.00 / 540.00 / 2,700.00

Vulnerable families may not have proper water connections to their homes, making it difficult for them to cook, wash and stay clean. Bring water straight to them through piping systems!

Sewing Machine

RM 415.00 / 830.00

Often, mothers have to support their families financially. The gift of a sewing machine plus training will help them make clothes and other goods to earn an income.


Hygiene Kits and Training

RM 155.00 / 310.00

Hygiene kits with materials for making sanitary pads will be given to girls and teachers to help them in managing menstrual hygiene.

Clean Water System

RM 350.00 / 1,050.00 / 3,150.00

Due to erratic weather, getting water from rivers and ponds can be difficult in remote communities. A common well and a collection point will make it easier for people to get clean water for washing and drinking.

Toilets and Awareness Training

RM 330.00 / 660.00

Not having clean toilets and places to wash up increases the risk of serious illness. More toilets and awareness training in local communities will enable people to stay clean and healthy!

In 2022, Gifts of Hope transformed lives by providing these:

Early Childhood Educational Packs with books and materials for 400 children under the age of 6

Chickens and training for 200 households

Handwashing stations benefiting 15,376 people in 6 communes

Find out more about how Gifts of Hope benefitted children, families and communities in need here.

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