Gifts of Hope to Light Up Lives

Be the Light that Brings Hope

All around the world, hundreds of millions of children and their families are living in the darkness of poverty. But you can offer your help in lifting these children, families and entire communities out of it. Let’s light up their worlds with Gifts of Hope!


By giving one of our specially curated gifts, which include clean water, toilets, health equipment and more, you can change the lives of children in need for good by helping them escape poverty, receive care and thrive in the love of their families.


In our often dark and divisive world, shine your unique light in ways that will make a difference and bring hope to vulnerable children, families and communities!


Catch a glimpse of what Gifts of Hope can do!

How does Gifts of Hope work? It’s easy as 1, 2, 3!

Pick your gift(s)

Choose from a selection of gifts that will encourage a child, family and community in need.

Bring joy

Celebrate a loved one by giving a gift in their name. Then send them a personal message with our complimentary eCard to warm their hearts.

Change lives

We deliver your gift(s) to children and families worldwide, where you will brighten up someone’s day! 

Light for Children

School Bags and Stationery

RM 215.00 / 430.00

Each school bag filled with books and stationery delivered to a child is the starting point for a good education and a bright future!

Health Equipment

RM 110.00 / 440.00 / 1,100.00

By helping rural health centres stock up on needed equipment, this gift will meet the healthcare needs of children and reduce infant mortalities in vulnerable communities.

Learning Resources

RM 70.00 / 280.00

Provide a better learning experience for children by giving them good educational materials that are joyful, child-centred, playful and activity-based.


RM 305.00 / 610.00

Empower girls to determine their course of life and future with a bicycle that will provide them with safe, reliable and fast access to education.

Nutritious Meals

RM 210.00 / 420.00

With proper nutrition, children will grow up healthy and be less likely to develop chronic diseases. They’ll also feel better, look better and enjoy life to the fullest.

Badminton Equipment and Nutrition Programme

RM 280.00 / 560.00

Sports help children develop physical skills, exercise, make friends, have fun, learn teamwork, play fair and improve self-esteem. This gift will get them to stay active and healthy.

Light for Families

Food Basket

RM 180.00 / 360.00

Food security is important for families, particularly for those with disabilities or a lack of stable employment, as well as families led by orphaned children. Give a food basket today!

Seedlings & Tools

RM 155.00 / 465.00 / 930.00

With seedlings and tools, families can produce food reliably, gain income, and lift themselves out of poverty. Help them grow a bountiful garden filled with potatoes, onions, carrots and more!

Fish Farming and Ducks

RM 130.00 / 390.00

‘Teach a man to fish’ with this gift! Equipping families with fish farms and ducks for rearing can help elevate their livelihoods. Children will love them too!

Cow & Training

RM 665.00 / 2,660.00

Cows and proper training provide families with a sustainable source of income and can be used for farming and transporting agricultural products.

Light for Communities


RM 60.00 / 120.00 / 600.00

Travelling in the dark exposes one to injuries and abuse. With this gift of lights, you can keep a community safe all night long.


RM 80.00 / 400.00 / 800.00

Toilets can save lives! Good hygiene and improved sanitation better the environmental health of a community, and ensure that children will be free from diarrhoea and other dangerous diseases.

Clean Water - Handwashing Stations

RM 110.00 / 1,100.00 / 3,300.00

Sanitation and hygiene are crucial to human health and well-being. Play a part in reducing diseases among communities in need by giving them places to wash their hands and stay clean.

Wheelchair for Disabled

RM 650.00 / 1,300.00

The gift of a wheelchair will give disabled people (including children) hope, mobility and independence, allowing them to participate in their community.

In 2021, Gifts of Hope helped transform lives by providing these:

School bags for 800 children

A birthing centre and new medical equipment, benefitting 900 children and 320 mothers

Handwashing stations to 3 schools, benefitting 2,257 children

Find out more about how Gifts of Hope benefitted children, families and communities in need here.

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