Gifts Of Hope

One thoughtful gift can change the lives of children, families and communities in need. Give a Gift of Hope today!

Help children spring into hope!

Across the globe, millions of children and families are living in a ‘winter’ of ceaseless hardship, going through life without basics like clean water and education. The bright ‘springtime’ they wish for often never arrives, dashed on the cruel realities of poverty. COVID-19 has been a difficult season for all of us, and for those in dire need, it has only made a bad situation worse.


But just as seasons in the real world change, we can turn a season of great hardship into hope for those living in poverty. How? By giving them Gifts of Hope!


Whether it’s a gift of clean water, a cow, a toilet or lifesaving medical equipment, it may just mark the turning point for a struggling child or family. Pick out one of our practical gifts today, and help those in need spring into a future filled with hope and joy!


Watch this video and catch a glimpse of what Gifts of Hope can do:

How does Gifts of Hope work? It’s easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Pick your gift(s)
Choose from a selection of gifts that will encourage a child, family and community in need.
2. Bring joy
Celebrate a loved one by giving a gift in their name. Then send them a personal message with our complimentary eCard to warm their hearts.
3. Change lives

We deliver your gift(s) to children and families worldwide, where it will make a difference by turning hardship into hope!

Donate Where Needed Most

RM50 and above


A general donation is a great way to give hope to vulnerable children and families! You can help provide necessities like clean water, education and healthcare to communities in need both locally and overseas, according to where the needs are greatest.

Hope for Children

Early Childhood Educational Packs

RM 85.00 / 255.00

A pack of books and materials will help children learn the alphabet, colours and pictures. It certainly makes for a great head start!

Micronutrients and Training

RM 210.00 / 420.00

Children can get the vitamins and minerals they need through micronutrient packs. And with the right training, parents will be equipped to give their children proper nutrition.

Medical Equipment

RM 270.00 / 540.00

Medical equipment like scales, hospital beds and handwashing corners will allow health centres to keep children healthy.

Stationery Packs

RM 55.00 / 275.00

Pencils, rulers, exercise books and more will help children take notes, study and get their homework done.

Hygiene Kits

RM 55.00 / 110.00

Hygiene kits with sanitary pads, soap and handwashing liquid will ensure that girls don’t have to worry about infections from using dirty cloths.

Hope for Communities

Clean Water - Handwashing Stations

RM 370.00 / 740.00 / 1,110.00

Handwashing stations installed in schools will allow children to clean their hands; community members can practice good hygiene too.

Clean Water - Water Purifying Station

RM 240.00 / 480.00 / 960.00

A water purifying station provides clean water for drinking and cleaning all year round. This will help communities stay healthy, especially with COVID-19 around.

Wheelchair and Support for Disabled

RM 898.00 / 1,795.00

With a wheelchair, disabled people can get around. And through awareness sessions, people can learn how to provide support for the disabled in their community.

Nutrition & Hygiene Workshop

RM 85.00 / 170.00

A World Vision-run Nutrition & Hygiene Workshop will help community members better feed and care for the health of their children.

Livelihood Workshop

RM 80.00 / 160.00

Livelihood workshops will equip communities to improve agricultural production, start businesses and save for the future!

Hope for Families

Chicken and Training

RM 115.00 / 230.00

With chickens and training, parents can provide nutritious eggs for their families, and breed chicks for a continuous source of income. Truly a versatile gift!

Cow and Training

RM 855.00 / 3,420.00

A cow and training from World Vision can help families cultivate their land and breed calves to sell, allowing them to support their children’s education and daily needs.

Sewing Machine and Materials

RM 500.00 / 2,000.00

A sewing machine and materials are a great source of supplementary income, especially for girls and mothers, who can sew clothes or other high-demand items.

Mosquito Nets

RM 50.00 / 100.00

Mosquito nets ensure that families can sleep comfortably without fear of diseases like malaria.

Life Saving Kits

RM 55.00 / 110.00

Kits filled with basic medical supplies and tools – along with the proper training – will help families who live far from hospitals to treat wounds and buy valuable time in an emergency.


RM 310.00 / 930.00

Safe and clean toilets for the house will allow families to practice proper sanitation and hygiene.

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