Angpow for Education

An Angpow full of love will warm hearts this New Year


The Lunar New Year is a time of joy. When family members from all over get together in one place, the sounds of laughter and cheerful conversation can fill even the loneliest spaces with warmth. These lively festivities always remind us how vital it is for people to connect with each other!


To celebrate the coming of the New Year, World Vision’s ‘Angpow for Education’ campaign makes a return! We’re inviting you, your friends and your relatives to spread the joy of the festive season to vulnerable children, families and communities far and wide, warming their hearts with hope!

Angpow Packet Giveaway


Give the gift of education and get set for the New Year through our special giveaway! The first 100 individuals to donate an Angpow for Education of at least RM188 will receive limited-edition World Vision angpow packets.


Use the buttons below to donate today. If you're among our recipients, we'll send the angpow packets direct to you!


Terms and Conditions:

*This giveaway is open only to residents of Malaysia. *Each individual will receive one (1) set of Angpows. *World Vision reserves the right to make final decisions on this giveaway.


Would you like to reach out and bring hope to even more children and families in need? Then we invite you to join the Child Sponsorship PLUS programme, which will allow you to walk alongside a child and build a relationship with them! Here are just a few stories that chronicle how World Vision's work turns lives around:


Since World Vision set up a reading camp in his community, Sovannrath finally has a great place to learn and read to his heart's content.


Growing up in poverty, Lesly faced many challenges on her educational journey. Now a registered pharmacist, she aspires to aid patients in their recovery by providing the right medication.


Although she lives in one of Malaysia’s poorest states, Allie’s passion for self-improvement has never wavered. She is dedicated to helping children establish a strong educational foundation and building a better future for her community.

Sovannrath, Lesly and Allie all received the opportunity to get an education, learn to their heart's content, and take steps towards achieving their goals. This is the power of You and Us.


There are many other children around the world, waiting for us to help them realise their dreams. Their future begins with your decision to help!




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