Connect With Your Child

Get to know your child better through letters and gifts. Browse our letter and gift guide, and use the letter templates to get started.

More than just a name.

Child sponsorship is not about setting up an auto-debit every month; it is about building and sharing a relationship. The relationship between you and your sponsored child is a personal and beautiful one that will enrich both lives. And it’s the little things that matter the most in a relationship, like words of encouragement and tokens of love.

Every letter to your child goes a long way.

  • 1.    You write and send a physical or e-Letter*

    *Letters written in Chinese will be translated into English by World Vision Malaysia. However, this is not applicable to letters for children in China. 

  • 2.    The World Vision National Office in your sponsored child’s country sends your letter to the Area Programme (AP) where your child resides 

  • 3.    If needed, the AP translates your letter into their native language

  • 4.    Your letter is hand delivered to your sponsored child 

  • 5.    Your sponsored child writes a response letter

  • 6.    The AP translates your sponsored child’s letter into English

  • 7.    Your sponsored child’s letter is mailed to the World Vision National Office

  • 8.    World Vision National Office receives your sponsored child’s letter 

  • 9. Your sponsored child's letter is mailed and/or emailed to you.


    *You will receive a physical letter from your sponsored child only if you send a physical letter/gift to him/her.

  • Letter & Gift Guide

    Send a letter introducing yourself or a gift to celebrate birthdays and other momentous occasions!

    Send a Letter

    Every letter you send is precious to your sponsored child, and will bring them joy and excitement.

    On Their Birthday

    Celebrate your child’s birthday with a card to remind them how loved and important they are.

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