“I loved to see him smile.”

Vision News , December-2019      4 min read

Carol Wong is a World Vision Malaysia child sponsor. In early September 2019, she went on a sponsors’ visit to Baganuur in Mongolia, where she met her sponsored child Molomjamts. Here, she relates her heartwarming experience:


“On the child sponsors’ visit to Baganuur, I had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the people there. Mongolians are very affectionate people, and they welcomed us with open arms.


Still, I was nervous before meeting Molomjamts. When I first saw him, he was a shy and introverted boy. To break the ice, I asked him to build a robot with the blocks I bought him. Soon, he started to smile. I loved to see him smile, and simple things like offering him a sweet dessert or showing him my family photo were enough to light up his face.


As the day went on, Molomjamts and I opened up to each other. When we had our photo taken, I got playful and tried to tickle him to get him to laugh. One of the activities was a cultural performance, but Molomjamts had trouble seeing it due to his height. I offered to let him sit on my lap, and I was so happy when he accepted!


We continued to bond through the outdoor activities. Molomjamts enjoyed the Mongolian ‘ankle bone’ game and taught me how to play too. Then I encouraged him to try the archery game and ride a horse. Through it all, I could see great happiness on his face. All too soon, the day came to an end. Before he left on the bus, I told Molomjamts to be a good boy and always stay healthy and happy.


What this experience has shown me is that I can bring immense joy and happiness to a child in need through simple gestures. Besides visiting, even just writing a letter or sending a gift lets children know that there's someone out there who cares about them and their community.


After this journey, I decided to sponsor two more children, with the hope of bringing joy to more children, families and communities!”


If you would like to visit your sponsored child in one of the communities World Vision serves, take note of our upcoming sponsors’ visits.


Child sponsorship can be a joyful journey for you and a child in need. You can start that journey here.

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