Why Nepal, Why Now?

Vision News , December-2020      3 min read


Every child deserves life in all its fullness, and Nepal’s children are no exception. The landlocked nation, however, has a complex caste system and ethnic structure; these practices coupled with a high poverty rate create a challenging world to grow up in. Nepal is also one of the world’s most disaster-prone countries, facing the risk of floods and earthquakes each year.


It is in this fragile context that Nepal’s children live, where malnutrition, child labour and child marriage are often part of their childhoods. Boys and girls as young as five years old may be found working at brick kilns or as domestic help. Food insecurity is also an issue. Around 4.8% of children do not make it past their first year of life. And although illegal, child marriage is a common practice -- Nepal has the third highest rate of child marriage in Asia.





World Vision is on the ground

World Vision has launched two new Area Programmes (AP) -- Rautahat West AP and Mahottari West AP are both located in Province 2, a region with high levels of poverty.



Province 2



  • 6.86 million
  • 47.9% are multidimensionally poor*


Geographical isolation, poverty, lack of access to basic health and education, gender inequality, risk of annual disasters, child labour, child marriage


*The Multidimensional Poverty Index measures multiple deprivations at the household and individual level in health, education and standard of living (United Nations)



It is in this rugged, hard-to-reach area where many of the Dalit people, an ethnic minority group that has long been marginalised due to Nepal’s caste system, have made their home. Many families live in poverty and risk losing their livelihoods each year due to annual disasters. Province 2 is also the region with the highest rate of child marriage -- 46% of children are married at a young age.


So, why Nepal and why now? We believe that every child deserves to be treated with dignity and given the opportunity to enjoy their childhood. When it comes to taking action, there is no time like the present!


Through Child Sponsorship, you can partner with us to build a world where Nepal’s children are valued as God’s creation, with equal opportunities to write their own stories and be empowered for life.

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