What Gives Freda Liu Hope?

Stories of Hope      2 min read

11 years ago in a village in Myanmar, seven-year-old Maw and her family were considered vulnerable. Their village lacked infrastructure and they were at risk for human trafficking, and contracting waterborne diseases like diarrhoea. But when radio producer and presenter Freda Liu started sponsoring Maw, their life changed.


With the help of child sponsorship, Maw now has the opportunity to turn her dream of becoming a fashion designer into her reality. Her sponsor, who is also World Vision Malaysia’s Advocate for Water, Sanitation & Hygiene, is amazed at the impact her sponsorship has had on Maw.


“It is very touching just to know that I’ve been with this child since she was seven. You see this child having a dream, wanting to be a designer, and it would not be possible without World Vision... I remember receiving Maw’s details when she was all of seven years old and thinking that this is the child I am going to sponsor. And seeing this 11 years later – she’s a young woman, she’s got ambitions, she’s got a dream, she feels happy because her family has got the basics and she can actually go on to have a life. It’s so fulfilling how something so insignificant in terms of money [did] not just impact her life, but her family and village [too]. It’s very moving.”


Learn how child sponsorship is changing the lives of children in other parts of the world!

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