Stepping Up for the 42 Rights of Children!

Vision News , June-2021      3 min read

Children living in poverty are vulnerable to violence, exploitation and child labour, and the pandemic we’re facing isn’t improving their plight. As their access to basic necessities is disrupted, vulnerable children are being thrown into further turmoil. By World Vision’s estimates:



Up to 85 million more boys and girls worldwide may be exposed to physical, sexual and/or emotional violence



8 million children have been pushed into child labour and begging



The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child enshrines 42 child rights that every child has, covering what a child needs to survive, grow, participate and develop their full potential. But in a world facing great financial, emotional and mental stresses, those rights become harder to protect. Keeping children safe is among our biggest priorities, and we’re glad that many of you agree.

Malaysians make a move!

World Vision’s #RunForChildren is an annual effort to raise awareness and advocate for the rights of children. Proceeds are channelled to child protection efforts in Malaysia and overseas to support children’s safety, call out violence when it occurs, and work with survivors to heal and recover.


At the World Vision 2021 Virtual #RunForChildren which took place between 1 and 16 May, 2,624 Malaysians walked, jogged or ran for 42 minutes to protect the 42 rights of children like the ones on their runner’s bibs. The #RunForChildren draws in runners from all walks of life, and this year was no exception. Here are some of the inspiring people who took part in 2021:

We want to thank everyone who sweated it out to ensure that children are safe from violence, exploitation and abuse.


But this isn’t the end of the fight for child rights. If you would like to support our child protection efforts, give to our Advocacy Fund today. We hope to meet you at next year’s Run too! It Takes You and I to End Violence Against Children!




We would like to thank the following companies for sponsoring the World Vision 2021 Virtual #RunForChildren:

Supporting partner:

In addition to their financial and material contributions, close to 400 individuals from these companies also ran for the rights of children. Thank you again for your dedication and commitment to giving children a safe and secure childhood.

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