Recap of Faith for the Future Series

Faith for the Future is a forum jointly hosted by World Vision Malaysia and Alpha Malaysia. This forum is a platform to discuss the findings of the Connected Generation research by Barna Group that, in turn, helps the global church to better understand and work alongside the Millennial Generation.


In 2022, Faith for the Future 3.0 launched the latest national millennial study report - The Connected Generation in Malaysia: Engaging Millennials in Leadership, Evangelism & Social Justice with local panellists sharing their thoughts and experiences of working with Millennials.

In 2021, amid a global pandemic, the Faith for the Future 2.0 – Into a Digital Era forum was done virtually to further explore ways of engaging millennials to become resilient Christian leaders and their perspectives on faith in the digital era.

In 2020, World Vision Malaysia and Alpha Malaysia jointly hosted the inaugural Faith for the Future forum. We invited Barna to release the largest-ever global study on Millennials, unpacking their attitudes towards Christianity and contextualising its findings for Malaysia.

In 2019, Barna Group partnered with World Vision to dramatically widen – and focus – the lens we use to view young adults around the world. We interviewed more than 15,000 adults aged 18 to 35 in 25 countries to learn about their goals, fears, relationships, routines and beliefs. This helped the global Church better understand young adults, partner with them in discipleship and activate them in leadership.


All in all, we hope that this research will help Churches in Malaysia grow and engage with the Millennials to bring up the next generation of faithful Christian leaders.

The Connected Generation Southeast Asia Report
The Connected Generation Global Report

Learn more about The Connected Generation research by Barna Group. Please email World Vision Malaysia at [email protected] and/or Alpha Malaysia at [email protected] to find out more about putting the insights into action in your church.

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